Carlos Alvarez Cotera
Fine Artist - Teacher - Author

Cuban born artist living in Hollywood, FL where he has organized an Art Meetup group

“At a very early age, I became very interested in drawing and I have never stopped since;
This passion for drawing gave me the foundation for becoming the artist I am today.

I have no formal art training and I did not teach myself through books; rather by experimenting, a lot of messing up, by watching other artists and asking questions I was able to develop abilities I now use in my creative process. I strongly believe in doing all of my work freehand and reject the use projectors, grids or any other kind of tracing methods.

I have experimented with many different mediums including; pencil, watercolor, acrylic and oil to clay, glass and tile mosaic and jewelry. However, for the most part, I have concentrated on painting; but even in this medium, I enjoy diversity. I can be working on abstracts, realism, surrealism and portraiture at any given time.

I am blessed to be able to dedicate my life to that which I was born to do and it is a privilege to teach others. As a teacher, it is my goal to help students develop and improve their abilities and to see that which has become second nature to me.

Over the past 16 years as a professional artist, I have owned and run a Gallery/Frame shop, I have been represented by Galleries, I have helped develop an art center, I have been part of many exhibits, I have been featured in many articles, my work is in private, public and corporate collections and I have received many awards. None of this is that important, I mention it for the purpose of sharing my history as an artist.

As grateful as I am for all of this, nothing matters more to me than the opportunity to use art to express life and share it with others.

Live, Love, Give”  

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