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Acrylic/Oil Painting
Shorten the time and create a more realistic painting

This technique will bring depth and a three-dimensional feel to your work,
while shortening the time you need to create your work.

Watercolor Painting
Not so loose watercolors

Paint without the use of water-down washes. 
This technique will allow you to control the paint and achieve more realism.

Learn to draw in 15 minutes, practice for a lifetime.

Learn to draw without the use of projectors, light boxes, tracing or grids.
Find the joy of drawing freehand, using your own abilty to see.

"All that is needed to learn is your desire to want to do so. It is my goal to help you see beyond the obvious."

Private classes available
$30 per hour (2hours minimum)
Classes are $250 for 6 sessions of 3 hours each. 
Three students minimum
Would you like to learn in a non-academic way?
Have you not ever drawn nor painted but want to?
Are you frustrated with your art teacher or would like to try someone new?
Do you feel that your artwork could be better than it is?
Do you want encouragement to continue painting in any style and grow?
Do you consider yourself a beginner or advanced artist?
Do you have the desire to learn?

I would like to be your teacher if you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions above.

Send me a message to schedule classes at your convenience

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